What Our Residential Cleaning Services Do For You

Professional cleaning of your home’s roof, walls, driveway, patio, decking and more to transform your home to its original condition.


Our mission is to help buildings’ make a statement, a constant image of freshness and organisation that should reflect that business’s principles

Every building in London, big or small, serves a purpose to the people in and around it. Some buildings hold businesses, some host public services, others are a symbol of stature and history. No matter what purpose your building serves, we believe in helping you make the right impression, whether it be to workers within it or to the public observing it. A clean and organised appearance symbolises an attitude to care, professionalism and organisation.

At Pristine SCS, our mission isn’t to clean the most windows in the city or tidy the biggest offices. Our mission is to help buildings’ make a statement through our services. We believe in workers going about their jobs in a clean and hygienic environment that portrays an image of organisation, efficiency and attention to detail. We also believe that a clean and well-kept exterior projects a bright and enticing appearance to the public that walk by daily.

To us, cleaning isn’t a job that’s required when cleanliness and hygiene get out of hand. Our mission is to help building managers portray a constant image of freshness and organisation that should reflect that business’s principles.

Our experience in cleaning some of London’s busiest and most iconic buildings flows throughout every service within our business. From management down to every individual cleaning operative, our drive towards the mission statement stays true, always, helping us deliver a safe, unobtrusive and high-level service.

Meet our team of experts

A snapshot of the people who make a difference to your service experience.

Ross Bingle

Founder & Director

Mike Smith

Operations Manager

Emily James

Logistics Coordinator

Tyrone Calveley

Sales Executive

Stephanie Peters

Accounts Manager

What we can do for you

We’ll save you stress

When safety is at risk, the last thing you need is to be worrying about it. You’ll spend less time worrying about health and safety because we’re not only Safe Contractor approved, but because we supervise each of our services with highly trained staff to ensure precautions and procedures are being adhered to. Whether it’s eye-bolt testing, manned exclusion zones or chemical training, we ensure we work with you to adhere to site safety stringently.

You’ll never have to worry about us turning up late or in inappropriate uniform. Not only do we always wear a professional uniform, but we can also adhere to any site-specific dress codes required. If we’re ever running late, our client relations manager will call to let you know.

We’ll save you time

We know that time in your role is precious. That’s why you shouldn’t be chasing, checking or questioning any of our work. We strive to achieve reliability and hyper-communication. To save you time:

Your work will be completed to a high-standard, continuously checked by area managers and random spot-checks with audits to ensure these standards never slip. This way, you’ll never have to double check our work.

You’ll receive detailed proof-of-delivery documents showcasing before and after pictures, time on site and job-specific details, again, saving you time chasing details or confirmation of the work completed.

You’ll also be taken care of by our client relations manager who will proactively contact you to ensure services were completed as expected and on time, as well as being on hand to take care of any future needs.

We’ll save you costs

You’ll always receive a fair and realistic price, guaranteed. We don’t consider the three price points to be low cost, average and expensive.
Instead, cheap, realistic and overpriced.

Our pricing is what we would call realistic. We are not overcharging you for things you don’t need to get the job done so we can make extra profit. We are also not undercutting the market by using poorly qualified staff and unconventional cleaning methods.

We train our staff meticulously, use high-quality cleaning products and pay great attention to using the correct access methods to comply best with health and safety guidelines.

So, as previously said, our pricing is middle-of-the-ground, it’s realistic. A reasonable price to get the job done well. No overcharging and no cutting corners.

See what our customers say

Ann ReevesAnn Reeves
18:40 17 Nov 22
Fantastic job completed by Justin yesterday and last time by Dan. Lovely lads - a real pleasure to meet them. Could not recommend Pristine highly enough - excellent work at a great price and great communication. Very happy! 😊
Mick AbbottMick Abbott
17:35 05 Oct 22
Cleaning of roof tiles to remove moss and finish with chemical to slow down moss growth. Cleaning house windows and then conservatory.
Magdalene ChuMagdalene Chu
16:09 30 Sep 22
We used their service to clean the roof of the property which we have bought recently. The team worked diligently for two days, transforming our roof completely and leaving the area clean and tidy. We were so impressed with the result and happily shared the before and after photos of our house to friends and family. We give them full marks! Highly recommend!
Bill BostockBill Bostock
13:04 29 Sep 22
We had our very mossy roof cleaned using Pristine Homes safe methods. We are very pleased with the results. Our roof looks new again. The team were on time, courteous and worked diligently.
Alan LovellAlan Lovell
16:30 11 Nov 21
Roof and gutter cleaning . Having obtained a quote for comprehensive cleaning of all the moss and lichens that had gathere on my roof (detached house and separate garage) I engaged Pristine to do the job. In the event it took two days and was done by two very pleasant chaps using a lot of expensive equipment. The result was very good and they say it should stay in good condition for around five years, so fingers crossed.