Residential decking cleaning in Ashford & Kent

Restore your slippery, green decking back to its original condition. Our professional decking cleaning system allows us to clean without the risk of damage.

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Decking Cleaning

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We use a combination of cleaning methods

Your decking will remain clean with no regrowth of moss, algae or lichen for up to five years.

Standard method

Pressure washing decking cleaning

A high powered, water pressure cleaning system that blasts away dirt, mould, algae and moss with high power water jets. Can damage decking materials and requires complicated decking access.

  • Only removes surface layer of algae, moss & lichens
  • Regular decking cleaning costs can be high over time
  • No guarantees. Decking can become dirty again after 1 year
  • High environmental impact, using a lot of water
  • Pressure washing can cause surface damage to your decking

Our method

Pristine Soft Washing Decking Cleaning

A detergent-based, liquid decking cleaning solution that removes dirt and dissolves, agitates and sanitises moss, algae and lichens on decking, preventing them from growing back.

  • Kills and sanitises algae, moss & lichens - preventing regrowth
  • Reduces long-term decking cleaning costs by up to 3x
  • Decking can remain clean for up to 5 years
  • Low environmental impact, using less water
  • Zero damage to roof surface or materials

South East’s most trusted cleaning experts

Made an enormous difference to my home. The exterior looks brand new. We went with the full works which is well worth it.

Terrence Pickett


Frequently asked questions

  • Can you clean all types of decking?

    Yes, no matter the decking type, we can clean it. We can clean softwood, hardwood, composite & more.

  • Do I need to worry about chemicals?

    No. Although we do use chemicals on your roof, our team applies these chemicals at the surface level. This leaves no overspray onto other areas of the property and ensures that all wastewater and overflow is washed down the gutters and drains.

  • How will you access my decking?

    We will use your external water tap on our flat surface super heated cleaner which allows us to get to your decking via a long hose. Since the decking is ground level we are able to effectively apply the chemicals killing any dirt on the surface

See what our customers say

Ann ReevesAnn Reeves
18:40 17 Nov 22
Fantastic job completed by Justin yesterday and last time by Dan. Lovely lads - a real pleasure to meet them. Could not recommend Pristine highly enough - excellent work at a great price and great communication. Very happy! 😊
Mick AbbottMick Abbott
17:35 05 Oct 22
Cleaning of roof tiles to remove moss and finish with chemical to slow down moss growth. Cleaning house windows and then conservatory.
Magdalene ChuMagdalene Chu
16:09 30 Sep 22
We used their service to clean the roof of the property which we have bought recently. The team worked diligently for two days, transforming our roof completely and leaving the area clean and tidy. We were so impressed with the result and happily shared the before and after photos of our house to friends and family. We give them full marks! Highly recommend!
Bill BostockBill Bostock
13:04 29 Sep 22
We had our very mossy roof cleaned using Pristine Homes safe methods. We are very pleased with the results. Our roof looks new again. The team were on time, courteous and worked diligently.
Alan LovellAlan Lovell
16:30 11 Nov 21
Roof and gutter cleaning . Having obtained a quote for comprehensive cleaning of all the moss and lichens that had gathere on my roof (detached house and separate garage) I engaged Pristine to do the job. In the event it took two days and was done by two very pleasant chaps using a lot of expensive equipment. The result was very good and they say it should stay in good condition for around five years, so fingers crossed.
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